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3.4.x Beta


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I'm using utorrent 3.4 (build 30660) and I noticed some issues:

  1. When I add a magnet link, utorrent addes all trackers to torrent without empty line spacing between them and treats them as one tracker!
  2. When I'm using lables as filter for my list, after adding a new torrent it will show the whole torrent list not the lable I chose!
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v 3.4.1. build 30703


1. "avi" is not recognized as a "media" file


2. Each RSS feed view should remember scolling position independent from torrents view (ie. labels, etc).


3. In RSS Downloader, adding a new filter ("Add" button) and then modifying the filter settings, then clicking close, does not save changes to new filter and leaves it empty.


4."Update feed" command doesnt seem to do anything, RSS feeds list remains empty. No errors/messages appear in log.

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