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Update check blocked by firewall


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I use Windows firewall to block not only incoming, but also outgoing connections by default. uTorrent.exe is, of course, allowed. Up till now it seems that was enough to check for updates, but after one update or another things changed.

Now when I click "Check for Updates", I get a "Unable to contact uTorrent update server" message. If I disable the firewall, the update check works fine.

Which program file needs to be allowed in the firewall for the update check to work?

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I'm having the same problem but I have the firewall off and no antivirus software installed. 


Just upgraded to uTorrent Plus with the stable version 3.2.2 (build 30586) 32 bit.

>>>Took a few tries to upgrade to Plus.


Running on XP sp3 - Just did a factory install. Had this problem before and after.


Please help!!!



DHT stuck on waiting to download...

Torrent download stuck on Connecting to Peers...

ISP not blocking, was downloading before now nothing.

No Router.

No Firewall.

No Antivirus Software.

Nothing is blocking on my end.... Unless its a bug in the uTorrent software or the uTorrentPlus license upgrade.

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