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Process running, App not running


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Hi Guys,

I've been using utorrent for years without any issue. But a few days ago I started having a startup problem : when double clicking the icon, the process starts (it appears in the process manager) but the app never starts.

After reading a few things on the internet, I narrowed it down to the two config files "resume.dat" and "settings.dat". Indeed if I rename these two files, utorrent starts without any problem. If I put the original ones in place, again the process starts but not the app.

So i decided to have a look using Bencode editor, deleted the first key (the hash fileguard) as suggested somewhere but to no avail.

So any idea how I have my app back (at least in order to finish the torrents that were unfinished) and not only the process ?

Many many thanks all


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