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Issues downloading ALL torrents


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I have downloaded utorrent and I have tried troubleshooting according to the FAQs and help page, however I am still unable to download anything. When I go to the startup guide, the network test has a check mark when I run the tests, however, the bandwith test fails every time, no matter what speed I choose. It always gives an error of "Results: speed test failed Connection failed error: timed out 10060" I am starting to become very frustrated because I have used this program in the past with the same ISP along with same antivirus and firewall.

When I choose a torrent to download, in the utorrent window it has the name of the download but in the status column, it continuously says "connecting to peers". Also down at the bottom of the window, it has something that says DHT. That changes between saying "DHT: Waiting to log in" and "DHT: 0 nodes"

When I click on the tab labeled "Trackers"-- the statuses there constantly say "timed out" AAARRGGHH!!!!!! I am really getting irked about this!!!! Please help me, somebody!!

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Ok, can you be more specific? I use Internet explorer 7, and I am unsure of what settings you are suggesting I change. I have checked the firewall on my Norton system and the exception has been made for the utorrent program. Like I previously stated, I followed the instructions on setting it up and none of the FAQ's are similar to my issue at all. Can I get some helpful assitance please that involves more than one sentence and elaboration on the suggestions? Thanks everyone!! :)

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No thanks, I am not uninstalling Norton on my computer. I have gone without an antivirus/firewall system before and my computer was subjected to viruses. If that is my only solution to get these torrents to download with utorrent then I would rather uninstall utorrent and go with another program. Thank you for your help.

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Hi all you "torrenters" :-)


I've got what seems to be the same problem as "mtucker88", and it all started February 10th, 2014.


1: None of my torrents (whether "magnet" or downloaded) will connect to peers (just says "Connecting to peers")


2: At the bottom of the program it says  "DHT: Waiting to log in"


3: Under the "Trackers" tab, the DHT says "waiting to announce"


4: The "Peer Discovery" and "Peer Exchange" says "working"


5: All the other "trackers" say "Connection timed out"


Also, when I "check for updates" (under the "help" menu) it says "Unable to contact u Torrent update server"


But.., every time I run the "u Torrent set-up guide", and then run just the test for "network", I get the green check-mark, and it says "Port is open. Your network is properly configured" !!


I'm running u-Torrent version 3.3.2 on 3 different computes, which 2 are running Windows 7 Pro (one being a laptop) and 1 running XP Pro, and all 3 computers started the same problems on the same day !!


I've been using this u-Torrent program VERY successfully and flawlessly for many YEARS now.., and absolutely nothing was changed or added to my 3 computers, router or anything else.


Actually, it all started on the evening of February 10th, when I had my Win7Pro laptop at the local Elks club (they've got much faster downloads speeds than I do at home).  It was downloading a small (800mb) movie file, but not as fast as it normally does from that location, but did make it to about 75% before I left for home.


When I got home and tried to finish the download on my laptop, not only would it not continue to download, but I also found that I could not download anything.  Then I tried my other 2 computers (with multiple torrents), all with the same negative results...


But.., one other thing I have noticed, is that I no longer get the "hot girly game" offers I used to get in the lower left corner (now just asks me to upgrade to "uTorrentPlus"), and under the top toolbar (now just asks me to get their "video converter").


I too REALLY like to use (and have gotten VERY efficient at) u-Torrent, and TRULY don't what to have to switch to another "client"...!!!


THANKS for any help or suggestions that anyone may have...




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