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Upload freezes during discwrite, with or without caching.


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When downloading hard to my external USB1 disk, the upload freezes. This happens especially when uTorrent is writing out the write-cache.

The funny thing is that it happens even if the upload is from the internal harddrive (i.e. another torrent file).

I'm running 1.5.1 beta 460, when using beta 425 (without cache) the disk went Overload 100%, thus freezing both Upload and Download. Now the download continues aslong as the cache isn't full. But still, why the freezing of upload from other drives?

btw, I'm using 10Mbit/s fullduplex ethernet internet connection.

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Both internal drives are on "Ultra DMA mode 2". I can add that it is a laptop running XP SP2.

Something is fishy, when I overload the USB1.1 drive with explorer (drag a big file to it), uTorrent is unaffected.

When doing the same, and at the same time copying using explorer, the internal drive->drive copying process suffers massive aswell, but still uTorrent is unaffected.

I have no clue why.

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