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Auto-Move and Seed


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I use a NAS server and the only sane way to maintain a XBMC library is to rename media files with Filebot or TheRenamer, which means you can't seed afterwards. uTorrent already has the ability to move and seed files. However since it must be done manually for each file this become quite tedious for multi-file torrents. I propose two methods to work around this limitation.

1. Auto-Move and Seed. For a completed torrent you could add a function by which you could select a directory for the moved files. uTorrent could recursively hash all of the files. Since the torrent already has file hashes, you use this hash info to match the original torrent file to the moved and renamed file. Since uTorrent already has the file/move function would only need a function to hash and move a file when a hash match is found.

2. Allow uTorrent to load a new file type (call them mtorrent files for sake of discussion). It would include all the info in a torrent file, except it would have an extra parameter for a filename and path for each file (perhaps even be able to specify Do Not Download for files as well). uTorrent would download and seed files to the specified path. These paths would only be relevant for the local system and thus would not be distributed. The new file type would be generated by the user, if uTorrent supported these mtorrent files then they could be generated by different programs. For example, FileBot could load a torrent file, generate a filename and path for the files to be download, and export an mtorrent file. Then load the mtorrent file and proceed with the download/seed. I think this would simplify a lot of peoples setup. All uTorrent would need to do is support this new mtorrent file type, everything else would be up to the user. Say someone moves files after the fact. They could remove the torrent, re-generate a mtorrent file, load that and resume seeding.

Researching this I found this to be a very common issue with no good solution, I think proposal 2 especially would outright solve it and involve little development effort.


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i think these are some great ideas.


there must be some way to have a Torrent client recognise the file is the  same even though the file name, or some other inconsequetial "surface detail" about the container has changed.


i'm not very knowledgeable about the details, but surely there's some way using hashes, or something, to recognise it's the same file even if the file NAME has changed ?

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