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Force Re-check and restoration of files already completed error


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Executive summary:

I'm trying to restart/contine torrent that had to be deleted and Added again. Is there a way to have utorrent look at the contents of the torrent effort -- and update its "files tab" to properly show what has already downloaded?


More Details:

Torrent has 10+gb of data, 100s of files. Many files 100%, many 0%, many in between 1&99%.

Got a "file access" error. force recheck, ok, start, ok for a few seconds or so then same error.

So, I saved the contents of the torrent to a seperate area, removed the torrent & data from utorrent.

Then Re-added the torrent. allowed a few files to come down. OK. successfull - went to seeding.

All right, lets put what's already done back into where it belongs and continue:

Stop seeding. _Copy_ the saved files back into the utorrent torrent's area.

Force Recheck: ok. Start. Either file access error, or also, something like "FixPart" error and the torrent stops.

Do the whole thing again but this time just restore/copy one file from the saved area. Same problem.

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