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Torrent is stuck in "Downloading metadata"

Brandon Sky

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This torrent that I'm downloading is stuck at Downloading metadata. It's been stuck for so much time and it still is stuck in Downloading metadata. Download and upload speed are at 0 Kb/s. The page where I downloaded the torrent said it only had 1 seed and 0 leeches. I already know that seeds are used to provide complete copies of torrents, while leeches are partially seeded peers, i guess.


Problem is: just that. ETA is at infinity. I could wait until the universe ends and it still won't download. Please help. Oh, here are my settings under BitTorrent:

Global limit: 487

Per torrent limit: 195

Active transfer limits: 8

Active download limits: 1

Outgoing encryption: Force

My speed average is about 100 Kb/s. Not very fast, but still decent but not great.

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