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uTorrent using 50% of my download speed


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Hey guys. I have a problem:

my connection speed is 50/5 Mbit. That said, uTorrent should download with a speed of 6.25 MBps right? It never reached that speed in 2 years, since I upgraded my connection to 50/5Mbit.

It usually downloads with 2.8MBps, sometimes it reaches 3.5MBps for few minutes, but that is MAX.

I wonder why my uTorrent doesnt download with full speed. And please, don't say: probably not enough seeds. I've tried with quadrillions of different torrents, problem persists.

I have run speedtest many times and it shows 49Mb/s DL.

Even if I download anything with chrome, or any other download manager, it reaches to 6MBps, but uTorrent just doesnt.

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Screenshot of your speedgraph with Slackware, showing your set limits, and speed test result in speedtest.net?

Or - ubuntu -


Here's the link to Speedtest.net results:


And a link to speedgraph:


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upload and download graph and the active torrent in the mainview. with also pref->advanced->gui.graph_overhead and gui.overhead_in_statusbar true. I don't see any limit, so pref->bandwidth too...

UL & DL Graph, with gui.graph_overhead & gui.overhead_in_statusbar set to TRUE:




Hope this helps

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Looks fine. Feels like your ISP is capping your BT speed. Try with 300 connections per torrent in your preferences. Plus, you can post a graph when 80% of your download is done (so we can see the numbers... like connected peers).

Also, you can try and test using uTP only, maybe your ISP will not cap that (advanced->bt.transp_disposition = 26)

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