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"torrent is not valid bencoding"


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I was having problems which i thought might be bugs, so installed 3.4.1 Beta (Build 30496) [32-bit].

I've got 190 torrents loaded. torrents that were working fine in the non-beta build are now colored red in the status column, and twice a second i'm getting a message in the Logger like "[2014-02-01 02:45:08] torrent is not valid bencoding"..

I've seen this Logger message before, (but never this often!), but I think it has always had a file name, telling me WHICH torrent is not valid bencoding. The fact that there's no filename is the main reason I'm posting in "Bug Reports" rather than "Troubleshooting."

Notably, all of the torrents that are Red in Status are from private trackers, and all that are Blue or Green are from public trackers. I have no Red ones from public trackers, and no Blue or Green ones from private trackers.

https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1391241072257.zip (2MB) has a Process Explorer log, hijack this log, and minidump created by right-clicking uTorrent.exe in Process Explorer. (Is such a dump useful at all? Or is only a crash dump ever useful?)

Thank you!


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