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Utorrent freezes Windows 7 64-bit


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I have seen other forums regarding this issue but I haven't found a solution for it yet.

I have been using uTorrent without issue until recently when I hardwired my computer room with CAT6. Now, any time I use uTorrent when connected on the cable, Windows completely freezes and I have to do a hard reboot. Just to test, I disabled my ethernet adapter and flipped on my wireless adapter. uTorrent ran for hours and never crashed. I switched back to wired ethernet and it crashes within minutes. Here are my specs...

Windows 7 64-bit

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600

4gb DDR2 ram

ASUS M2V AM2 VIA K8t890 ATX Motherboard (Ethernet connection is onboard)

Gigabit connection running through TP-Link TL-SG108 Unmanaged switch

uTorrent v3.3.2

- I have checked the eventlog and no errors are present.

- I have uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled

- Switching to wifi keeps uTorrent from crashing, hardwire results in system freeze 100% of the time.

- System does not freeze unless uTorrent is running.

There has to be some sort of solution out there, it seems way too many people run into this issue but I have not seen any sort of fix. I'm convinced the common thread is Windows 7 64-bit and a hardwired network connection.

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Have you checked the Asus website for network adapter driver updates?

The problem is specific to whatever network adapter and adapter driver combination you're using.

Unfortunately there are no Windows 7 drivers as this motherboard is quite old. I believe a generic driver was found by Windows. If I were to get a separate nic to add on, is there anything specific I should be looking for? I can get one of those quite cheap but I want to make sure uTorrent will not crash with it.

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