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utorrent not launching despite process running in taskmgr


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I have been using utorrent since the beginning ,i have not been able to open up the utorrent

When i try to open it again, it says it seems utorrent is running but not responding . I can see 2 instances in taskmgr.

i suspect something has got corrupted and , I dont want to format the machine,

Please help me to clean up the utorrent and do a fresh install. Is there a way we can remove all utorrent related stuff from the system and the registry ,so that we can do a clean install

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I went round and round with this on a machine that migrated between multiple physical boxes over a few years and ultimately landed in a VM. uTorrent would load in the background and I could even access it via the web gui, but there was no interface no matter what I did.

Amazingly, switching to the Bittorrent client straightened it out, which is bizarre. They are the same program with a different label, like Chevy/GMC, AFAIK. The Bittorrent web interface even has uTorrent logos on it.

It's just something to try.

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