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re-installing utorrent after computer crash


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From the migration guide (I'm still reading it):
"From here on, "files" will refer to the content while ".torrent" refers to the reference file."
If I only have the files, could I seed again ? (It's a long story, win Vista screwed everything; I only have the folder with the files; no .torrent: many files to be seeded and 2 incomplet !)

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If you don't have the .torrent files, get them from the websites you got them from originally.

What if we dont have the .torrent files and they are huuge torrents with many files and we only checked off a few of the files from the .torrent to download in the first place? Is there any way I can go into the dat file and see which files I wanted to download then I could simply get a new .torrent file and select the ones I wanted to originally download?

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