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utorrent - useless after Bell Sympatico upgrade to 5 Mbps ?


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my situation:

1. Before the upgrade utorrent went perfectly

2. After the upgrade (from 3000/800 profile to a 5000/800 profile - Bell Sympatico Canada) utorrent is no longer working (or eventually is working but with very low speeds - 2-3 KB/s). Before the upgrade speed was let's say 150 KB/s (average, sometimes even bigger)

Note: my router is Speedstream 5200 and is locked by ISP.


a. I didn't change any default settings. Just changed few times the port.

b. My ISP doesn't throttle torrent traffic

c. this is really strange: Azureus works great ...

d. I disabled all the firewalls (Windows firewall is anyway disabled for me), PC Cillin I usually use is disabled.

e. Other users told me that after the similar upgrade their utorrent is working fabulous, so there is a problem with my system/OS/.....

WHAT CAN I DO ???????????????? PLEASE !!!!!

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Check to see if ur IP or router address is still the same. Mine changes sometimes when the power goes out. My last 3 digits changed recently from .100 to .101. Since this was a service upgrade something mighta changed. Or connect to the internet just thru the PC for a while then connect to the router later. Cuz with my ISP I'm not really supposed to use a router unless I let em know. They charge a lil more for home networking. (I just tell em its for Xbox/PS2 tho and I dont like having to keep unplugging the cable.):P

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I am having the same problems.

Not sure if Sympatico upgrade, same crappy speed, but now uTorrent barely goes pass 30KB/s total.

I get a red light on the bottom telling me that it may be a firewall problem, ports are being blocked and such.

Not sure what I can do :|

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I have 2 notice some things:

1. My ISP (Bell Sympatico Canada) does not throttle torrents even after upgrade (Azureus works great !!!)

3. tried utorrent with the same port which works great on azureus (58559) - the same torrent that on azureus I got 300 KB/s on utorrent I got only 20 - 25 KB/s ... :-(( with the utorrent classsic port (32459) it works even slower (10 - 15 KB/s)

2. Port forwarding won't work - few weeks before upgrade my ISP locked my router - so this is not a solution ....

PROBABLY my ISP changed some settings.

IF any user found any workaround for this problem OR

IF anybody can use utorrent after this upgrade using a Speedstream 5200 (the type with black plastic front) router locked by Sympatico before the upgrade THEN




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