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One last device to complete my beast!


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This isn't a problem that needs troubleshooting per se, so someone move it to a more appropriate forum if there is one. Thanks!

I don't see a way to keep this short, I have to brag about my system to give a full picture so people can fully understand what I am looking for. I'll do my best, tho.

I want my bittorrent experience to be as seamless and automated as possible while dodging my ISP's draconian policy regarding DMCA letters. I've designed it this way:

There is a Windows 2008 R2 server running in my house that is a hyper-v host, among many other roles. One of the VM's is a seedbox/proxy server. The VM's OS runs on a virtual disk with utorrent running around the clock. There is also a P2P-friendly OpenVPN client running (Astrill) alongside a firewall with rules etched out to stop traffic if the VPN fails (to prevent DMCA letters). A little proxy server app allows me to route any program on any machine in the house through the VPN if I feel the need. Yes, there is a tremendous speed compromise this way, but my ISP leaves me no alternative. They cut off service in response to DMCA letters, and the connection is still pretty fast anyway. There is also a 2TB physical volume in the 2008 server that is attached to the VM and dedicated to torrent data: one directory for torrent files, one for torrents to download to, one for it to move torrents to after they complete, and one that it automatically decompresses rar'ed torrents to after they complete. Oh, and a jabber client with a CLI plugin (Miranda IM) so that it can broadcast messages through a jabber host on the 2008 server to my desktop and cell phone when a torrent completes. uTorrent is configured to monitor the "torrent files" directory for new files and automatically load them, then delete them, as well as watching a few private RSS feeds for our favorite shows. A batch script handles the decompressing/messaging after each torrent completes, and our Plex server uses the "decompress" directory as one of its library entries so we can head to a TV or grab a tablet at our leisure and watch our show using a Plex client any time after my phone notifies me that it is ready.

Yes, I'm very proud and not above bragging, although I know I'm not the only person with such a rig.

On my desktop, I have a browser dedicated to bittorrent (chrome; I use FF for everything else). All chrome traffic goes through the proxy server and thus, the overseas VPN. Some private sites that I am a member of demand that my torrent client download from the same IP that I browse the site. I use the uTorrent web gui to monitor the ongoing torrents and remove them after they hit a share ratio of anywhere from 1000% to 100000% (never less). Chrome's default download location is set to the seedbox's "torrent files" directory via smb/cifs, so I can initiate a download with one click once I find a torrent I like. If the torrent only has a magnet link, as is becoming common on public sites, it's still only a one-click affair with uTorrent-adder installed.

Say my wife turns to me while we are sitting up in bed watching TV and says "There's nothing on, let's watch Pootie Tang!"

After falling out of the bed and calling the funny farm to confirm that they won't take her because of that, I can walk to my office, open up Chrome, do a quick search on one of the private sites I am a member of, click the download or magnet link, and go back to the bed. Assuming the swarm was decently populated, a few short minutes later the phone on my nightstand will chirp, I can grab my tablet and find it in the Plex library alongside our TV shows for the week, and cast it to the TV. Easy, right?


But what if she instead says "Let's watch Pootie Tang tonight!" while we are across town during the day, or if I am sick/tired/lazy and don't want to get out of the bed?

I want to extend my seamless downloading and automation to my Android. I have an RDP client on the tablet that I can use to access the desktop from anywhere in the world and then use chrome, but that's cumbersome and it hoses my desktop icon arrangement. I could bungle around with the remote uTorrent app, but then I have to download the torrent file to the tablet and upload it back to the seedbox; also cumbersome, inefficient, and it will hack off the private sites that have the aforementioned IP policy.

The tablet has an available VPN tunnel to my 2008 server when I am not near my home wi-fi, so it can access all of the necessary network shares whether I am on the road or at home.

I'm thinking that a browser dedicated to the task like I have on my desktop is the way to go. As long as the VPN is connected it can use the seedbox's proxy server to prevent IP policy violations and it can save torrent files directly over the VPN to the seedbox's "torrent files" folder. I just don't know how to set the default download location to an smb/cifs share on any Android browser or how to handle magnet links. I would also like to find a way to make it automatically check to see if the VPN tunnel to my server is connected before the browser launches and dial it if not, so that I can minimize the steps between grabbing the tablet and tapping the download/magnet link. I'm also not too sure if it is even possible to set any Android browser to use a proxy server (which would obviously bark at me if the VPN weren't connected, furthering my desire to automate that part).

So now that you have read my friggin' NOVEL of a post, does anyone have any suggestions for the tablet? Is my previous paragraph a good idea or a complicated disaster waiting to happen, and what's the alternative?

Oh, and if anyone has a sweet setup like the one I have spent a few years cultivating, I'd love to hear about it. We can swap ideas! It may be best to keep it in email though, as it would not be directly relevant to my question or uTorrent in general and DWK may fuss at me again :-)



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I've got a real slick automation setup.  But like you pointed out sometimes there is a spur of the moment "hey it'd be cool to watch ____"  There are multiple ways to achieve what you are looking for while out-and-about, but one of the easiest, and generally underrated, is to use dropbox.  Set up uT to automatically download .torrent files in a specific dropbox directory.  Install the dropbox app on your ipad/phone and browse the trackers from your ipad and download the .torrent to the dropbox location you set up in uT and your set.  I am also curious why a remote desktop service is not valid?  I use TeamViewer (free) and it is amazing to use on the ipad back to my home server, very easy interface,  and there is a setting to maintain the remote computers resolution so It will not mess your icons up.  Once I started using RD i stopped using my dropbox workaround.


Also, (and this is rhetorical) I'm not sure which "private" trackers you are referring to that mandate you must torrent from the same location you browse the site with but that is absolutely not the case.   If it was there would be no way to use a seedbox... which is HIGHLY encouraged.  I think you are mis-interrpriting the rules.  No downloading/seeding from two ip's simultaneously... some have this restriction.  No two accounts downloading from the same ip... all have this restriction.  But i have never ever heard of a restriction on where you browse, if thats the case you need to switch trackers my friend (ESPECIALLY if your getting DCMA from your ISP while using private trackers, this should NEVER happen and it means they are not actually private!). 

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