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Default Forced Installation Path And Backing Up Settings


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Just wanted to ask you this.

There are 2 things that are conflicting at the moment.

I read somewhere, that uTorrent, currently, installs to a default path of:


And that this path cannot be changed during the installer.

On the other hand, if we want to backup our settings, we are told here:


that we can "Simply make a copy of the entire %AppData%\uTorrent folder."

Thats cool, but I see one thing that I dont like so much personally.

And that is, that together with the settings files, also the uTorrent executable gets copied, and maybe other irrelevant to the setttings files.

So, if for example, I reinstalled Windows, and then copied back my settings, to that folder, then also the executable would get copied, and replaced. I guess then, that I would have replaced, the latest uTorrent executable, with the one that I had in my backup.

And thats something, that I dont like so much.

So could you please give me an update on that.

And tell me, if it is possible, to just copy some particular files, which contain all the necessary settings for uTorrent.


UPDATE: I would like also to ask another relevant thing:

By reading now the User Manual, I see here:


under Reinstalling Your Operating System, it says:

"If you did not have an encapsulated "installation" of µTorrent, then make sure you have the same username before moving the settings directory back into %AppData%"

So what do I do if I want to reinstall Windows? Is it obligatory to have the exact same account name in the new Windows as the old? Or because now, uTorrent installs at:


there is no need for same account name?

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