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Trouble with utorrent and RSS (Answered)


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First of all I am using version 2.2.1 (build 25273), but this problem was also existing before I switched when using the newest version. I am also using the 8.1 version of Windows.

I have many RSS filters setup on the same feed. Basically it is one filter for each tv-show I watch. All filters are almost identical. For example I have The Simpsons, which I filter with "The?Simpsons*", sometimes I specify release group because it tends to be the same one each time (if that group stops releasing and another starts I tend to remove the release group from that specific filter altogether). I have smart episode filter on, I have specified a specific episode number filter, which is at the moment 24x23-, so all episodes after season 24 episode 23 since that was when I updated the filter last for that tv-show. I have the option for filter to match original name instead of decoded name and give download highest priority. I also have minimum interval to match at "match always" which for me is each 15min.

Now to the real issue I am having. Since I don't have my computer on during the time the actual releases are out I expect them to automatically start downloading when my computer turns on and starts utorrent. This is not the case. Only some of my tv-shows are catched on the filter and start downloading while others doesn't which forces me to manually download them. I want to figure out why not all of them are downloading automatically. Should also mention that those times I actually have my computer running during at the release time they are all catched with my filters.

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