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Hiding IP addresses while using Utorrent


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There has been a series of complaints for YEARS over the fact that Utorrent - which is the most popular and otherwise best torrent client around - gives out the IP addresses of all the people torrenting file.



Why not simply REMOVE the display of IP information from the Utorrent program?

Here is one reason:

Let's say you are some policing agency looking for people who are uploading or downloading files that they should not be. All they have to do is either seed or leech that file themselves, and collect all the ip addresses of the PEERS who are also seeding or leeching that file. Then, months later, you get a knock at the door and a pair of bracelets and a criminal record.

This is a HUGE security breach which cannot be ignored. It is not paranoid nor stupid. In fact, even if it were paranoid and stupid, it is unacceptable for some staff member of this site to be closing topics and insulting paying customers. :(

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