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utorrent related to computer crash?


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Hello all,

So I am a Mac user, utorrent 1.8.4 (29971).

Lately i will leave my computer running, come back and it will be frozen, sometimes on the screen saver some times on the normal screen. The only common thing with every crash is that utorrent is running, sometimes it's the only thing running. I leave u torrent running most nights when i go to bed, but lately when i get up, my mac has crashed and I have to do a hard restart. I have never had any problems like this until recently, I have not installed any new software or changed any settings, so I am a little dumbfounded. Ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have also noticed that after the first couple crashes i have had problems with torrents that were downloading, doing the checking thing that it does when utorrent is not shut down properly, some of the torrents don't seem to want to actually do the recheck and they never display anything except 0.0%. Do I have to restart the torrents from scratch? Cuz that's a lot of gigs of wasted bandwidth.


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