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uTorrent active only on home network


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I would like uTorrent to work (have access to network) only on home network and not when I am using VPN or sitting at the office.

Is it possible to configure it on uTorrent side ? For me, best solution would be to enable it only on a specific IP address. I have no idea how to work it out in uTorrent though.


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Ummmmm I hate to tell you this, but I strongly suggest you try to change your user name.

you are looking at getting spammed to hell with spammers and scammers getting your email address off here.

I presume you use VPN to access your computer from work,

as soon as you do that you have full and total control of your computer, full stop.

meaning you will see your utorrent if you have it on.

your question is a bit confusing, so I hope I have answered it right. :)

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