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If you send a file out there, its nice to get

a bit of feedback as to how many times your file

has been downloaded.

Some torrent sites give a hit number, but Im told

that number could include people who just look at the page

and dont go on to download the file.

Im thinking now that the best feedback is on the U Torrent

page........ look at your torrent, say its 20 meg..

then look at the upload figure.... say its 1 gig

then that indicates that your file has been uploaded

to 50 people .... am I wrong ?

At least that is my take on things !

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It means that your 20 meg file MIGHT have been downloaded by 50 people, BUT: then it could mean that it might have been downloaded by a lot more people,

what happens is the file that you download could come from 100's of computers, the files you share are in bits and these bits are downloaded to people that first downloaded from you then they in turn share that file so others download.

everyone of them 50 so called people are downloading or uploading to others that want to share that file.

some times you can see a file download really fast, thats due to a lot of people sharing that same file, and are uploading bytes to you.

I hope you understand and maybe someone here can describe it better to you, but hopefully you get the gist.:)

also apart from that, I know of no way to tell how many times a torrent has been uploaded apart from private sites keeping a record of total downloads of there trackers,

also Utorrent is not the only torrent around and you would still not get a accurate record

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Thanks for that info,

of course you are right, I was nt thinking of all the downloads from other peoples computors

what Im thinking of as 50 downlods could in fact be 500 downloads and

... over time... a whole lot more !

But at least the upload figure gives you an indication that the file you

put up there is at least working and being downloaded by people

it gives you a little bit of feedback

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