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Error on download after uTorrent restart


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Mac OSX10.9.2, uTorrent 1.8.4

If you close down uTorrent while some torrents have not completed and then restart uTorrent the incompletely downloaded torrents are shown as Completed.

If you do a ReCheck then there is an Error shown in the Status column.


Delete torrents from the download list and reload the torrent magnets.

This results in a recheck of the incomplete torrents and they start download showing the current downloaded amount at 0 (zero bytes) and the residual (to download) as the difference between the total download content minus the already downloaded content.

Expected behaviour:

After a closure of uTorrent any incomplete downloads show as Incomplete with correct amount currently downloaded, correct residual amount to download and for the download to restart on the presence of seeds or peers.


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i have this same issue as well. i created an account just to reply and confirm the issue.


mac os x 10.9.2, utorrent 1.8.4


if torrents are still in progress when i shut utorrent down, the next time i start utorrent, some or all of those torrents may be marked as completed even though they are not. i will then need to delete them from the completed list, and re-import the torrent file.


i am testing to see if stopping the torrents before i quit utorrent will bypass the issue. sort of annoying, since the windows version works as intended. but thanks for a great program.

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