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Very strange client's behavior, can't describe this briefly


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Greetings. I've been approached by some pal of mine just now that told me a wierd story (all that follows written from his words, he can't speak english at all; and I don't think he is fooling around)

Here is a brief info of his installation: utorrent 3.2.3 build 28705 32-bit, installed on some windows xp sp3 32bit machine at his working place.

How it looked like: while he was downloading some compilation of musical albums (with mp3's and some pictures of disk covers), he spotted that files created in torrent folder to represent those (still not dowloaded) pictures are screenshoots from some videofile stored in some different folder on his hdd. Yea, exactly as it is: he didn't even had those screenshots stored somewhere, only this video; and somehow client managed to fetch pictures from it and use it as a "placeholders" of sort instead of still absent (in queu to be downloaded) album covers. More than that, when he tried to listen to still downloading mp3's, after around of 20 seconds of playing its suddenly began to play some other composition, also one of the stored on his hdd (not just it was next in play list or something like that). He was even able to copy one such picture to another folder. After files were downloaded they turn to be just normal mp3's and album covers.

I can't even categorize it as a bug or a feature, so I've created this topic on this board.

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