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µTorrent 1.1.6


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This is mainly a bugfix release. We advise users to upgrade to this version. As always, it's in the download section.

A problem was identified in 1.1.5's partfile implementation and fixed in 1.1.6 that caused partial data downloaded for SKIPPED files to be corrupt. Data sent from skipped files or later unskipped could be corrupt. We strongly advise users to force recheck their files if they had previously been in a SKIPPED state. This issue does not affect files which were not skipped.

- Fix: Better multitracker support.

- Fix: When skipping files, it would corrupt the Partfile, resulting in hash fails.

- Fix: Disk Overloaded was shown too often.

- Change: Only show the "dangerous file" dialog when trying to open an executable file.

- Feature: The sorted column is now shown in a different color (Only after you clicked sort once)

- Feature: Create start menu shortcut the first time uTorrent runs.

- Feature: Show more info in the tray tooltip.

- Feature: Support lazy-bitfields, required for some ISPs, or seeding won't work.

- Feature: New page to setup advanced settings.

- Feature: Remember a peer's upload/download even if it reconnects.

- Feature: Support sparse files on NTFS (But please use this with care, it will fragment your drive).

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