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how do i determine if utorrent plus is running


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i have purchased utorrent+ plus


now how do i determine if it running on my win7 system

utorrent standard runs fine

utorent remote also runs fine


i beleive ths is the utorrent plus file: uTorrent(btkey,https^3A^2F^2Futp.st^2FjmhZ1Pn6).exe

it is what i downloaded after paying for utorrent plus 


i also have this file:  license.btkey

but when i run this nothing seems to happen


once i have this issue cleared up i then have issues adding a device/ samsung gt19000 smart phone/ cant add this device to utorrent



i have gone through these steps but no success on this page 


with thanks

but i might add im kinda past having to spend my time jacking round with software that doesnt work

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