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uTorrent doesn't save files upon its restart


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Well, I downloaded Saints Row IV with my uTorrent, once it finished I normally deleted the torrent and went off to another download a few days later.

However, when I closed uTorrent and opened it later on, it had the Saints Row file again, saying "Error: Can't open .torrent file: Saints Row IV Commander in Chief Edition-FULL UNLOCKED.torrent", it also didn't save my other download which I had currently been downloading. I deleted the Saints Row torrent file again and resumed the download for my game. Luckily, it saved all the downloading process.

And as I closed uTorrent opened it again, the problem just went over itself; the torrent file wasn't there, the Saints Row file was there again with its error... it will just keep doing that over and over.


Thanks in advance.


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