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Hello i was using utorrent last night and the yellow light doesnt go to green but to red and i checked if ports are opend but its says its not i did port fowarding and it was all fine a few days before But the downloads are going slow and not connecting to any seeders i get about 2 connections per torrent and but the uploads are going at max speed.

Its not the torrent files theres something wrong and i didnt change the options settings

the net isnt disconneting and but im losing speed it doesnt go the speed it should

i did system restore hopeing(spelling) that that would fix it but it didnt

Its not zone alarm or anything else im not running any programs like that

its something to do with the network but i dont know what

any ideas ?

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µTorrent is fine, as in green light?

If you're having trouble with websites, patch TCPIP.SYS. If that doesn't help, disable DHT (or do it the other way around if you prefer not to modify system files unless absolutely necessary).

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hmmmmmmm i dont know cause when i try to run /ipconfig it starts up then automaticly closes and

utorrent is fine but no green light now and my ip is and it should be but when i manuely change it the net screws up

i will try system restore and hope that should change my settings

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