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Magnet link disk reservation


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Hi all!


First, i want to thank you for this great app I've been using for a while. What is comming is just a suggestion, I don't consider it a bug at all, just a refinement from my point of view.


I have the option of reserving disk space before downloading on. I've notice that every time I download a magnet link with several big files associated, my HDD goes crazy when the peers starts to share payload data. Several threads creating big files turns the heads of my HDD crazy allocating non sequential block (from different files). I think that with .torrent files this isn't happening, it starts the reservation sequentally and then the download starts.


So, Is the file reservation running before any payload is downloaded with magnet links? If so, are several  threads allocating each file concurrently? If this is the case, I'd like to get an option to set only one thread to the allocation, or more probably, not start with payload data until the reservation is done with magnet links.


Thank you so much!



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