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Can't access webui of uTorrent on Windows Home Server 2011


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I have recently started a WHS2011 machine and installed utorrent on it (I haven't set it up as a service or scheduled task yet)


uTorrent is running on the server (logged in as administrator), webui is enabled in settings with a 8080 port. I haven't done anything else.


When I try and access the webui using http://servername:8080/gui/ it gives me a message saying that the webui is not installed and a link to install which doesn't do anything.


Is there something I am missing? It is going through a Sky Broadband router but I don't have any port forwarding set up at all. I want to access the webui from both Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu machines (neither of which I can at the moment)


Thanks in advance for any help

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