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uTorrent causing USB devices to disconnect


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I was having this weird problem problem in Windows 8.1 that my USB controllers kept disconnecting. I couldn't fix it so I reverted to Windows 7 and everything was fine even after installing and running uTorrent. I got tired of Windows 7 poor performance with my FX-8350 so I switched back to 8.1 in hopes of the problem not occurring again. I've had 8.1 installed for 8 days without problem until I installed uTorrent and ran it. I didn't even realize the problem at the time so I went and bought a 7 port USB 3.0 PCI E card. Then when I was going to a techsupport IRC channel I realized uTorrent may of been the problem and uninstalled and the problem has not occurred since even though all USBs were disconnecting every 5 minutes.


CPU: FX-8350


RAM: G Skill 1333Mhz Ripjaw Series

GPU: EVGA Geforce 660 Ti

HDD: 2xWD 1TB Black Caviar FAEX

SSD: 2xOCZ Vertex 4 128GB

Keyboard: Logitech G930/Apple Wireless Keyboard

Mouse: CM StormSentinel Advanced II/Magic Mouse


I'll be up for questions if you need more info


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