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Stuck at "Connecting to Peers".


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Started last night.  All trackers are timing out on every torrent.  The normal green/yellow indicators in the bottom right of the interface are missing.


I'm using the latest build 3.3.2, encryption enabled, the whole nine yards, because my university has torrent traffic locked down (or Comcast does, I'm not sure).  I've gotten past this for the last 18 months by using the Privitize VPN, which offered me comfortable DL/UL speeds despite what other people may say about it.


Anyway, Privitize went offline for me last night and I've spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to get it running again.  It has gone down a couple of times in the past, and in those situations I had a backup free trial vpn that worked well.


But today that backup vpn has failed to jumpstart my torrents, and they are fixed to "Connecting to Peers".



I've searched and searched for hours to find out what is precisely the problem this time, but to no avail.  At this moment the way I see it is that one of three things has happened:


1. Network admin is being tricky.

2. Comcast is flexing on me personally.

3. Privitize is fucking up.


None of which I have any control over.



So if your reading this, please, offer your speculations or solutions.

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