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Help! I am not giving back enough.


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I am a proud user of utorrent and I have used it to download hundreds of files (are you listening MPAA!) and I have used it to share back lots of files. However, I have recently encountered a problem. In the past, I have had as many 32 files active at one time, uploading to different users (perhaps even some of the people reading this posting on this Forum). All of these files were finished downloading and were being shared back to others by me. However, lately I usually only have between three to twelve files uploading at any one time. Oddly enough, the active files are all in alphabetical order from letter “A” (usually “Arrow”) to usually letter “B” (usually “Beauty and the Beast”). Any file at the end of the downloaded list that starts with the letters “T”, “U”, or “W”, for example, never seem to start uploading. I have tweaked the settings of the program a few times, but I still continue to upload only a few files at any one time. BTW, I am using utorrent 2.0.4. I haven’t upgraded to a higher version of utorrent, because I am worried that a higher version of utorrent might not be a stable program. I believe in giving back to those who given me so this problem is of some concern to me. Any advice anyone can give me in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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