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Sharing files stopped working. Connecting to peers


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I used to send files between the two PCs that I own(located in different countries) using torrents. Few days ago it stopped working and all I get on the machine that is downloading the file is "Connecting to peers".  Strangely, it is happening to the torrent that I started downloading few days ago, when I got through approximately half of it. The next day it just wouldn't connect. I am able to download torrents from public trackers like pirate bay, but not the ones that I create and share on the remote computer. I create the torrents the following way: tick the "Private torrent" and "Start seeding" boxes and specify the following trackers:


On the PC that shares the file other torrents from public trackers have reasonable upload speed. So I can't think of anything else and had to ask for help. I'm sorry if this turns out to be a well known problem, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything on the webs.



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As for the trackers, I've just made a reinstall of uTorrent with all the settings cleared and that's the trackers it suggested to me by default:



I tried them, but still having the same issue. As for DHT - it is enabled on both uTorrent instances, if I understood you correctly. Disabling it also didn't help.

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