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Speed problem with WG111T wirelss USB adapter and Motorola SBG900


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I have a Netgear WG111T wireless USB adapter on my computer, and a Motorola SBG900 (its a combo modem/router), I am also using RoadRunner.

I have tried the various suggestions on this forum to get better speeds, but they actually caused me to loose my connection alltogether, or have it drop repeatedly.

My first problem is with the Port Forwarding. I followed the instructions on Portforward.com verbatim. Yet at one point it says you need a static IP address. So I do a "ipconfig/all" on my computer and it tells me my IP address is, so I go to my network settings, open up my wireless connection, go to the TCP/IP settings, and plug in the information. Aftet doing this, I usually loose my internet connection alltogether. If not, once I reboot my computer, I have no internet connection. If I continue on and follow the portforwarding instructions, minus the Static IP step, Utorrent starts to kill my connection repeatedly, every minute or so, and I have to keep repairing the connection.

The next step I tried is the max connections patch. I patched my computer to 300 max connections. I follow the "speed guide" feature in Utorrent, and choose 768/kbs from the drop down menu, and apply that. However I notice that the default setting for this configuration has the max connections in utorrent to be something like 450, so I lower it down to 250 - which I'm assuming is safely less than the 300 I patched my computer to.

I tried disabling UPnP and DHT and a few other tweaks within Utorrent, but they usually make things worse and cause more disconnects. There is no feature that I can find anywhere within the SBG900 admin interface to enable or disable UPnP. Also, one other thing, when setting the static IP address, I also tried disabling DHCP on my SBG900 as well. Not only did I not have an internet connection, but I could not connect to my SBG900 control panel either.

I have McAfee firewall on my system, and also tried adding UTorrent to it's list of allowed ports, and cut and paste the port Utorrent had listed, into Mcafee. It didn't seem to have any effect. I also tried disabling the firewall and that didn't have any effect either. The Windows built in firewall is disabled. I do have my Wireless connection secured with 64bit WEP encryption.

Bottom line, if I leave Utorrent with all its defaults, run the speed guide and use the 768kbs setting, and lower my max connections down to about 250, and don't configure any port forwarding on my modem/router, and leave DHCP enabled on it, and do not set a static IP address - Utorrent will run fine, with no disconnects, but my speeds are really slow.

The best speed I was able to get was about 79kB/s. Typically, they're usually just 10-20kB/s, and sometimes, the upload speed is much higher than the download speed.

I feel like I'm going in circles here trying all these suggestions on the forum and not getting anything to work. Was just wondering if anyone on here has a similar setup as mine, or perhaps the same equipment, and was able to get theirs to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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this static IP thing:

You get it wrong. 192.xx.xx.xx is the ip you have right now with your router set to DHCP. so you need to switch in your router from DHCP to static IP adresses and THEN choose one of the pool of availible static ips the router can handle for your PC. Enter THAT choosen IP in the networksettings of your PC and forward in the router the port µtorretn uses to the IP choose.

Just do the readign there again very carfully!


PortForward.com - The port forwarding progression.

The settings thing:

is 768/kbs your avtuall UP(!) loadspeed then?

The patching thing:

Its not about how many connections you can have, but how many concurrent connections attemps at the same second you can try.

Conection attemps has nothing to do with the downlaodingprocess.

You can fully use your total downloadpotential without any porblems on a jsut fine unpatched system if the swarm is able to provide you such speeds.

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Ok, it's been a while since I initially posted this, but what I ultimately found out is that the SBG900 will not work properly with torrents no matter how you configure it. The router part of it just bombs and disconnects, causing the whole unit to keep resetting itself.

I picked up a Netgear wireless router, and configured the SBG900 to just run as a modem, now all my problems are solved. The port forwarding works fine, I'm getting really good download speeds (the OpenOffice torrent was over 500kbs at one point, and averaging about 450kbs) and NO connection drops.

Hope this helps some of you, since the RoadRunner service where I live is giving these SBG900's out to their customers, and they're one of the only modems available at Best Buy. Just be sure to pick up a good wireless router and you're good to go.

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Wireless connections tend to be less robust at handling many connections-at-once than wired ethernet lines.

USB has earned a horrible reputation in that regard as well.

Firon has commented that Netgear at least doesn't make good routers...

Using them together sounds like a recipie for disaster.

At the very least, you'll need to use more conservative settings than others with a similar-speed connection.

Especially important is disabling DHT, UPnP, and setting half-open connections to 4-8 in µTorrent.

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