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3.4.x stable


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There is no devs. If there was a single programmer on the utorrent team then it would have been miles better then it is now. Remove the ads and make it open source so I can help fix this broken ad-ridden program.


I agree with you, open or partial source is the best way to fix issues and improve this tool thanks to the help of the community. Sad i can't remove the facebook/twitter icons, utorrent was a great tool but release after release become more and more heavy and memory drain.

Like firefox, it was a great browser and more the time pass more it sucks, this happen when you stop listen the community and your tool become too popular.

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About hammer and multiple announcements...this was not a problem with my previous version, and when I replace the 3.4 stable with 3.2, the issue goes away.


So, what is going on with multiple announcements??? And why do previous versions not show this for some private torrent sites??

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I see, so the devs work for free... You just need to pay attention, and skip/remove whatever ad you don't like.


What a lamest excuse ever.


I missed the part where they died of hunger all these years to force them put in Facebook icons in order to survive.


You're seriously starting to lose all your credibility, rafi.

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Oh.. starting to loose it? *all* of it ? seriously? ... ;)  I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours. Too bad you probably didn't get it: "free" was used to just make a point.. 99% of the ads are user disable-able. People should learn to do that if they want to. True, those "sticky" icons are an exception now. I don't like it, but overall it is a minor non-showstopper thing that I can live with... If you cannot - use another client. If this makes me less credible for you - so be it...

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99% of the ads are user disable-able. People should learn to do that if they want to.

The answer is not that most of the extra crap is optional at installation....It's why does Bittorrent Inc. have any association with this crap in the first place....If it's for monetary reasons then it's time for a big revaluation because in the long run it will only hurt your popularity...Sure you have millions {novice and tech savy users} but don't think for once that this stat is forever and is dwindling as we speak....Novice users do tend to somewhat catch up with experience.

I'm sure the devs have a way of monitoring how many use Utorrent...Watch it carefully and don't think that if you have millions of users that you can afford to lose a few thousand in short periods of time.



It is malware, a browser hijacker. It has spyware elements, but it is not spyware. Hijackers are more similar to adware : the information they collect are for marketing and advertisement purposes usually.

  Are they dangerous? well, their search results are poor and advertisements might include more serious malware.

Spigot {searchprotection.exe}:

The industry generally refers to it as a “PUP,” or potentially unwanted program.

The PUP.Optional.Spigot.A infection is used to boost advertising revenue.

  PUP.Optional.Spigot.A it’s technically not a virus, but it does exhibit plenty of malicious traits, such as rootkit capabilities to hook deep into the operating system, browser hijacking, and in general just interfering with the user experience.


Utorrent.inspsearch.com redirect is classified as browser hijacker, which is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Once in, Utorrent.inspsearch.com redirect modifies the internet browser settings including homepage and default search engine as well as create Utorrent.inspsearch.com associated add-ons.

   Once infected by Utorrent.inspsearch.com, you may find tons of advertisements appearing on your computer screen. Furthermore, these advertisements are related to your recent search. It seems that Utorrent.inspsearch.com know what you are interested in. as a matter of fact, Utorrent.inspsearch.com is responsible for collecting your search queries, recording your browsing habits and assembling your personal information.


etc., etc...

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I can understand that the new Peer Priority is made to reduce internet traffic worlwide, trying to connect to closer peers but it may limit download speed a lot for some countries!
For example I live in Italy and here (at least) 80% of users have ADSL with 0,50 or 1 Mbit in upload.
In fact Italian torrents are usually slow, while whenever I download an english-language torrent I can get faster speeds, thanks to other countries with FTTH connections :D

So slow-countries will download always SLOWER? I hate the idea that my client will reject FTTH peers and connect to italian ADSLs... :(

Looks like Peer Priority mainly affects peers when max connection numbers is reached, right?
So usually will connect to everyone like always.. Anyway I'm not going to upgrade to 3.4.0 for now! :\

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So slow-countries will download always SLOWER? I hate the idea that my client will reject FTTH peers and connect to italian ADSLs... :(


Incorrect. The actual priority in canocial peer priority is, for all intents and purposes, random. There's no preference for IP addresses more similar to your own. There's no preference for IP addresses closer to you or located in your own country.


It may not seem intuitive, but the actual priority matters little. The key is that all clients agree on the same priority. Paraphrasing from [1], the problem with "classical" BitTorrent is that clients only accept the first 50 clients[2] that connect to it and after that will not accept new incoming connections. Now, If a new peer now joins the swarm, it won't be able to connect to the old swarm members that have all 50 slots used up. With a canonical peer priority, the 50 slots are allocated to peers with the highest priority, rather than first-come-first-served. Each pair of IPs is assigned an agreed upon, but essentially random, priority.[3] The newcomer will, by chance, have a high priority for some of the existing swarm members, so these existing swarm members will kick a lower-priority peer off one of the 50 slots and allow the newcomer to connect.



[1] Article explaining the concept: http://blog.libtorrent.org/2012/12/swarm-connectivity/

[2] In uTorrent this value is set by "Maximum number of connected peers per torrent".

[3] Formal specification BEP40: http://www.bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0040.html


tl;dr: Canonical peer priorities are random but agreed upon.

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Actually, there's nothing unusual in my filters. Just the label name and directory.

On the add torrent dialogue i just select the corresponding label, but the directory remains default

Sadly, it doesn't work so. It goes: match-filter-to-name ->auto-select-path-in-dialoge

They did not cover two cases:

1. auto-select path simply when you select a label in that dialog

2. auto-set path when not using the dialogue at all



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uTorrent 3.4 doesn't use the alternate upload rate when not downloading. It's stuck resolutely on 50 kbps my standard upload rate, but it should have switched to 60 since I'm not downloading. It's been running over 12 hours now, I wondered if it was a DHT startup thing but clearly not.

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the new version 3.4 and latest beta wont work on my AMD 3200 XP computers

I have 2 of them. one on win7 the ohter on XP

i tried the latest builds and the same problem, everytime I try to install 3.4 it crashes. I try all the new builds as they come out including Beta,

I don't understand why such small program would need special chipset commands in order to work.

There are hunderds of thousands of AMD pcs out there and they are not ready to be junked.

Its a real pain that developers don't seem to care. There is all kinds of new software that wont work on these older pc's

The funny thing is these older pc's can run email, do torrents and browse the web withotut a need to upgrade to a new i7 quad core lol

Do I need to junk my pc every 10 years to do torrents?

Please fix this issue


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