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3.4.x stable


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Don't see any mention of cop/paste here...Do you....

Anyone know why the torrent name isn't there?#    Name    Size    Downloaded    Status    Health    Down Speed    Up Speed    ETA    Seeds    Peers    Ratio    Added    1        23.6 GB    23.3 GB    Downloading 98.6 %        131.5 kB/s    594.0 kB/s    44m 34s    28 (2289)    38 (5398)    1.031    12 hours ago    2        473 MB    0 B    Queued 0.0 %                    0 (214)    0 (111)    0.000    9 minutes ago   
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Yes, I do...

...Also I mean the torrent name under the Name column....


Usually if CTRL+C on the torrent in list

When we paste it on a notepad, all the details will be copied there depends on our column list


Like Queue # , Torrent Name, Downloaded %, and other





Fortunately, I use the same shortcut for copy... Dunno about you ... ;)

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So guys, what's your experience with this 3.4 stable build? I'm still on 3.3.2 latest stable build and to be honest with you, not all problems have been fixed and im asking you all, is this build, better, feel less buggy than 3.3.2?


I'm interested if it solves some issues (rare) like cache overflow/disk overload/memory leaks.

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Changelog for weekly Wednesday releases:


-- 2014-03-012: Version 3.4 (build 30660) Stable

- Fixed: Duplicate entries for torrents added via RSS Feeds

- Fixed: Reduced installer size

- Fixed: Crash

- Fixed: Added registry entries when running in place

- Fixed: Column order

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I am still trying to figure out is there is some correlation between build numbers/fixes of 3.4 and 3.4.1 , Beasly...

Does this 30660 include all <=3.4.1-30657 fixes ?

Does 3.4.1-30657 include all <=3.4-30635 fixes?

Completely unrelated?

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Hei rafi!

Would it be possible to tell us about the new Preferences->Advanced Options introduced with 3.4...


Sadly no. I have no clue... But, how about you make a list of all the new items, and we'll see if we can have one of the devs comment on it here.

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