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3.4.x stable


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On 11/17/2016 at 5:13 PM, Ryrynz said:

They still haven't even posted notes for 3.4.9 42606 and given there's been actual bug fixes since the last release you'd think this would be 3.5.0..
Such a half arsed effort..

Hey Bittorrent you wanna keep http://releasenotes.utorrent.com/ as up to date as 


Or maybe link to that instead ?

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On 11/17/2016 at 3:29 PM, ex58 said:

µTorrent 3.4.9 Build 42923 is out.......

Installer looks messed up.

Oh, that ain't all...


Yeah the installer for this is messed up all to hell. Will wait for a decent release..
Might wanna test before release Bittorrent Inc.

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Had one of my torrents state that it didn't have write permission.. seems to have been a fairly common issue based on my searching..
I've been seeding this for months successfully. I moved the torrent but no change, I checked the torrent and it said the part file was corrupt.
The one file that it thought wasn't right I deleted and attempted it again with no success.
I then found that someone on youtube recommended setting the compatibility to XP SP2 and a lot of people have had success with this..
I changed it and the torrents on my Nas become unavailable so I closed uTorrent and changed it back to normal just in case that changed anything (it didn't)
I then set the location for one of the torrents that wasn't picked up and then started the rest without issue without needing a recheck

It's then I noticed that the torrent that had write permission errors now was working fine.. I selected all files to normal (8) and whatever it needed it downloaded
and seeded without issue once again..

uTorrent is a bit quirky huh.

*EDIT* This also happens with the latest beta, not often.. but restarting the client fixes it.

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Yeah, who knows..

Simple feature change request.. (which I know will probably never happen..)

When moving torrents (Set download location) if more than one torrent is set to move from the same source could we have future move requests set in a queue rather than moving the torrents all at once?

Reason: HDD's are slow as shit when writing multiple files at the same time.

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– Fix a bug where users renewing pro key were not seeing renewal until grace period ended
– Display appropriate error messages for pro activation errors
– Fix pro player shown on top of the onboarding
– Update broken second-step for Pro onboarding
– Fix a bug where sometimes the pro player controls were floating upon client minimize

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On 2017-01-30 at 6:37 PM, slalom.6693 said:

Not for THE file, but for all the list, all files remaining, including those who haven't started yet

How do you estimate E.T.A on files that haven't started?  The size of remaining downloads cant be that hard to add.

Current download (and upload) speed can be displayed in title bar and system tray (see UI-settings).

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31 minutes ago, slalom.6693 said:

I'm sure it's easier for the program

So am  I, thats what I meant. Its also easy to divide remaining download with current speed.
But would that be accurate? My download speed varies from a few kB/sec to several MB/s. Some downloads stall with ETA in years, and minutes later they are finished. ETA of total download is depending on the single one that will finish last. And then there is seeding......

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