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Problem with speed, no solution found


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I have a very annoying problem with my utorrent and i have been searching the web for a solution without any success. 


When i start utorrent i get great speeds at the max of my internet, no problems. But when i put my pc in suspend mode and then resumes the speeds are at very low (0.1-1 KB/s). The usual speed is about 10-16 MB/s.


I have tried to re install utorrent and disabled UPnP. Tried different hard drives and ports. No success so far.


I have a similar problem with my laptop, but instead these problem shows at random and not after waking up from suspended mode, i have tried the same things on it too.


I would be very happy if someone could help me figure out whats wrong.

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I have no clue if this will help, but I was having similar speed problems and i did the following:


Preferences --> Bandwidth --> "Disable the "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" option ( under the Global Rate Limit Options subheading).


This fixed my issues (went from ~5-20kb/s to 200-500kb/s +). Hope it helps! 

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