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Label/download location idea


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After searching for how to set location by label, i figured what was once there has been removed. And quite a few people miss that feature. Seems like it wasn't the easiest feature to implement. So this is an idea i came up with.


In Settings, you have a tab for Labels. In that tab you have a table control that looks like this:

LABEL      | DOWNLOAD LOCATIONMovies     | C:\MoviesMusic      | C:\Music[New]      | [set download location]Download all other files to: [Click here to set location]

You can double-click every table cell to change its value.

Then, when you open a .torrent in utorrent, you get the Add New Torrent dialog. (If not, download to default location.) There you set a label instead of download location. In a drop-down list with the following options:

Select a label:- Movies (C:\Movies)- Music (C:\Music)(Separator line)- None (default location)- New label  <---- a small dialog pops up where you can enter name and location for the new label.
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