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Possible to "move to labeled folder" ...again?


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After a torrent has finished and uT has moved it to a location with its label-name -- is it possible to change its label and get uT to move that torrent again?


For example --


Let's say I have five finished torrents with the label "Docs", and when they finished, uT moved them to "C:\Docs". However, now I want to change the label "Docs" to "(Docs)". If I change the label manually on the torrents to "(Docs)", uT doesn't move them anywhere -- I'm guessing because they were already moved to a labeled folder when they first finished.


Is it possible to re-trigger a label-move?


If not -- any suggestions on the easiest/quickest way to change an entire uT-label to something new, and then somehow have all the finished torrents in the old-label folder be moved to the new-label folder without breaking uT's link or having to manually re-locate/re-check every one manually?

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