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Possible to clear "Invalid download state" flag without rechecking?


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Is it possible to somehow wipe or clear a "dirty" torrent flag, like clearing the "Invalid download state" without having to recheck all the torrents' files?




The latest uT update broken hundreds of my seeding torrents, with each one now reporting "Invalid download state, try resuming." When I resume, as expected, uT starts rechecking the files, after which it begins seeding, like before. However, it'll take a lifetime to recheck everything.


I know the torrents' files are all there and completely fine -- they've been seeding for weeks. So I'm wondering if there's a way to wipe or clear the dirty/"invalid-state" flag for each of these torrents to get them seeding again like they were -- without having to recheck the files.


I have my "resume.dat" open in BE editor, but I can't seem to find any specifics for how to clear/wipe a dirty/invalid state. I'm hoping it's possible.




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