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File Exceeds Filesystem Size Limit on HFS+ connected to Airport Extreme


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I'm not sure whether it qualifies as a bug but I want to report it anyway.

I have usb drive formatted HFS+ connected to Airport Extreme router as a location for torrent downloads.

uTorrent sits on Windows 7 machine on the same network.

I can't download anything bigger than 4Gb  to that drive and I'm getting  "Error: File Exceeds Filesystem Size Limit"

Someone on this forum said it happens because "The apple sharing code is reporting the filesystem as FAT32 when it shouldn't"


I don't know what Airport Extreme reporting to Windows, but when I transfer large files manually using samba protocol from Windows  to that drive it works like a charm. 


So, I guess the problem is on your side then?

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Then map the share to a drive letter and check.

If it's reporting FAT32 there, the bug is in the Airport.

It reports Windows NT 4.32 Server if connecting by samba typing \\AIRPORT-EXTREME in windows explorer address  bar. 

Mapping the same drive like you said reports FAT32 in explorer.

Copying large files using first method works flawlessly.

When copying a large file to mapped drive it complains that it has "wrong properties", but when you accepted, it proceeds and copies the whole file. No probs!

Only uTorrent reports an error and stops loading!


Come on folks! We want to store stuff on network drives. I can't walk around with a laptop and 4Tb usb drive attached to it!

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