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Trouble with migrating files, HELP now it's re-downloading them all


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I'm having trouble with Utorrent version 3.4.0 which I had to downgrade to from the Beta because of an accidental automatic update that stopped my seeding. My problem is that I having recently re-installed windows I had several locations of .torrent files. I followed the user manual for migrating files after cutting and consolidating all my .torrents together and made an Autoload file on my desktop that I cut all my .torrent files into- turning them into "LOADED" Files. My problem is that after loading all the files nicely back into Utorrent, they are all now trying to re-download from the internet and then placing them one by one into my new .torrent "Store" location as stated in the Migration of Files instructions. How do I tell Utorrent that I already have all those files (1400 of them) on my computer rather then re downloading them all to reseed them again, because right now I've had to stop it from trying to re-downloading them all.


I couldn't find this problem in the forums any help would be appreciated.


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