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Certain files are not being moved to correct folders


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My current setup have .torrent files automatically read from the downloads folder, Automatically deleted and moved into an archive folder where its stored. Downloading files are kept in a folder and once downloaded supposed to be moved to the completed folder. From that point, labeled torrents are then placed into its own folder in the completed torrents folder.


Heres the issue. Certain files are not being moved into its correct folder specifically the labeled torrents. The setup i have includes them being downloaded from rss feeds, automatically assigned the label that i have specified, and once completed, moved into its folders. The issue being that certain files once downloaded, doesnt move into the folders and rather stay within the downloading torrents folder. Some files which does not have any labels also does this. And those that does all belong to the same label.



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I get the same.


I have a downloads folder where my downloading files (torrents and files) go, and I have a completed downloads folder where my, well, obviously completed downloads (torrents and files) are supposed to be moved to.


Seem that at times, files stay in the downloads file even when they are completed.


Surely this is a known issue.  It has been happening across a number of PC's and uTorrent versions for ages.  More then 6 months perhaps even more hten a year.


I am using 3.4 build 303635 atm.



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