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Web sites slowed

max chickens

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Since I installed Utorrent and downloaed 3 movies my internet speeds have slowed down. And before you say it, no I dont run Utorrent as a background progam and I deleted the files from Utorrent so they arent seeding.

It only happens on some websites. Youtube is ok but dailymotion for example will take almost 10 minutes to load a 2 minute video. Some sites wont stream at all.

It is something to do with my ADSL2 connection as my Iphone allows the speeds as normal. My usual speed is 65mbps.

My torrenting speeds were and still are exceptional however.

And no its nothing to do with my firewall as I dont use one. Well not a major one anyway.

I want to ram home that this happens all the time now, not just when Im downloading torrents. Like right now I am not torrenting or even using utorrent yet I it took me 12.17 minutes to fully stream a 3.5 minute video.

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