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force re-check rewrites the files


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i've finally decided to upgrade from 2.2.1 to the latest version. so far I like it very much, thank you!

there's only one let-down for me at the moment - 

when I try to check some files for cross-seeding, for example, with "force re-check option", and some files are almost identical (99% or so I guess) - my original files in this case become altered - without starting download!

could it be some option to be sure that force re-checking didn't alter or rewrite files in any way and only checks the hash?

(I guess this problem was discussed in this topic 

http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/86140-force-re-check-question-bug/ - but it wasn't understood).

I've done the same operations in 2.2.1 and it is ok - files not altered in any way.


(the example - 


if you force-check these files with included .torrent - flac files will be corrupted).

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