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4 GB download...1% complete = 4 GB off my hard drive!?!


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Hi all,

Just tried uTorrent for the first time & it's a great but...

As soon as I start to download a file (say the size is 4 GB) it straight away wipes 4 GB off my hard drive, even if the download has just started & only 1% complete. Also I checked my download folder & the torrent is there with their files showing & adding up to 4 GB, if I right click on the file & in properties it shows up as 4 GB...is this normal with uTorrent?

I've only got about 10 GB empty on my hard drive so I normally have manage any downloads carefully, burn them to disk & delete them from my HD. As it stands if I started to download 3 torrent files, within minutes that 10 GB would be down to zero even though realistically I've only downloaded a few megs.

Sorry if this question has been asked before, did a search but couldn't find any threads relating to this....ta very much for any help.

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