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Seedind Help Please?


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Hi, I'm having trouble seeding my torrents, the speed of upload is very slow 0.7kbs. my internet connection is 256/64. The torrent stat say's seeding but nothing connects in the swarm. Is there a recommended configure I should set it to in the Advanced options?

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but you have switched outgoing connections to

"protocoll encryption enabled" , haven't you?!

Seeds do not connect if you are a seeder too, so i guess you mean 200 peers.

And your networklight is green, and you are fully connectable from the internetworld, aren't you?!

And your settings are the one that the speed guide CTRL+G recommends for your Uploadspeed?!

you are using the latest public beta version?!

If answers are always "yes" then file a detailed bug report for the "DEV department"


How to Report Bugs Effectively

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