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Bittorrent Problem - Disconnecting,router's or uTorrent's fault?


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i am using utorrent for about 5 months and i have the router Trendnet TW100-BRF114.I have ADSL 1024 k/bs but i am disconnected from the internet quite often.i connected the adsl modem directly to the pc and it was fine for about 1 month but i changed utorrent's settings 2 or 3 days ago.I unfortunately dont know how to restore the default settings,and i have also sent my router to be checked for any problems. What usually happens is that all my downloads stop at 0.0 kbs and i cant connect to the internet/get disconnected from msn etc.

then i have to type in command prompt ipconfig /release,restart the modem and then ipconfig /renew,then login to my isp.this is annoying not only because i have to restart my modem nearly every day but because i cant even leave my pc turned on to dl something because ill be disconnected. I browsed a bit these forums but found nothing to help me.is there a way to restore default settings in utorrent or do you know any other ways to fix this?

thanks in advance :)

oh and btw i have already disabled DHT + i have ZA installed.

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