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Change Cache System back like it was before v3


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Most People and user claiming about the Disc Overload problem, hangups and AppCrashes.

I run into the same issue. 


in the Forums you getting allways this informations:

- your system wouldn't be set up correctly

- you wouldn't have rights set up correctly

- You use an old USB 2.0 external Drive


I know how to set up my System correctly and to configure it.

And I know it has something todo with the external USB 2.0 Hard Drive and that the Windows Caching System runs into problem to handle many and big files simultanly. That's the problem why people claiming about the issue.


It has something todo with the Caching since version 3.


In the last Version, before version 3 (it was version 2.2.1 build 25302) uTorrent got the Option to Disable Windows Caching and to use uTorrent own Caching System. In v3 uTorrent is using Windows caching system by default.


The Windows caching system runs without any problem for small - normal Torrents.

But if you plan to Download big Torrents about +50GB plus with many different Files you run into the Disc overload problem. The uTorrent client begin to crash and you experience many hang ups until the app crashes.


Since I using an old USB 2.0 Drive I faced into the same issue as claimed in the forum.

I switched back to the old uTorrent version 2.2.1 build 25302 and have never experienced similar Disc Overload issues.

I just deactivate the Windows caching via uTorrent Options. My System is Windows 8.1 and it works perfectly even with this old app Version.


Another reason switch back to the old uTorrent build in caching System would be that it's more ressource friendly.

uTorrent 2.2.1 runs with a smoth Disc Load. You can see it in the Taskbar. 


The Disc Load is acceptable for an USB 2.0 Drive and my 50Mbit Line.


If I use the new uTorrent Version which use the Windows Caching System it runs constantly around 99% Disc Load until the App Crash.


I have used many different clients and have tested them like Deluge, rtorrent, Azureus /Vuze and torrenting right now since years but I still prefer to use uTorrent for the reason that it "is/was" very leightweight and stable... it has some pretty nice features like uTP and others which are missing in other clients. Another reason is that's it so much customizable via the advanced options.


But since Version 3 uTorrent gets more and more to a bloatware client.


The old 2.2.1 client use around 40 - 50 MB Memory. (with 4 Torrents running, all together having a size of ~500GB)

If I try to use the new client, the Memory consumption is around 200 - 300 MB.


I know, uTorrent getting constantly improved and has many new Features and an overworked GUI, which consumes more ressources. but 200 - 300 MB is a way to much to be called a "weightleight" Torrent client.


I am sure, the ressource consumption would shrink enourmous, if you would abandon the Windows Caching since it isn't made for Torrenting.

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I thought v3 is using the Windows caching.


From what I've know, version 2.2.1 has the Options:


- Disable Windows Caching of Disc writes

- Disable Windows Caching of Disc reads


Since Version 3 this Option is missing. I thought v3+ use the Windows caching by default and you cannot disable it, since this Option is missing.


I had in all Version since utorrent 3+ and even on the newest version 3.4 the Disc Overload problem.

If I check the mentioned Options above in uTorrent 2.2.1 I have no problems with Disc Overloads.


I have try different other Torrent clients like Deluge, rtorrent, and many other too.

I face with no other clients similar problems on both, linux and Windows machines.


Also to mention is, that not all USB 2.0 HDD's facing the Disc Overload problem.

Newer Drives with a higher Cache (32 - 64 MB) working without a problems.

I abusing an Samsung Drive with a Cache of only 8MB until the Harddisk dies.


I just noticed, that the Disc Load on all HDDs, new HDD's with a higher Cach or old ones with a small Cach or even USB 3.0 or build in Sata Drives has with newer Versions of uTorrent since 3+ overall a much higher Disc Load.


In Version 2.2.1 the Disc Load is minimal. (5 - 10MB/s, 1 - 30% on USB 2.0 HDD Drive).

In Version 3+ the Disc Load is maximal. (27MB/s. 99% on USB 2.0 HDD Drive).


I think the higher Disc Load is not as good for health of any HDD's.


You should make some tests on your own. Start leeching some bigger Torrents (50 GB+) simultanly.

Try it with the old Version of uTorrent 2.2.1 and on one of the newer.


Best is you test it on a Server System and let run some HDD monitor indicator.

You will notice a much higher HDD Load.


if you google a little bit around, you will see many Threads how people solved Disc overload problems because they changed just back to uTorrent Version 2.2.1.


if you Download nowadays a Torrent, and check the peers, you will notice that people still using 2.2.1 and that are people who facing the Disc Overload problem.


I fighting right now since a year with this problem. Everytime a new version gets released, I get my fingers on it to test it.

Rafi mentioned in his Thread the problem was for most people solved in Version 3.4.

I couldn't get my fingers away from it, to test it. But after some minutes I run into the same problems.

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I have tried it with everything.


With fresh settings. I got the problem.

With Rafi's recommendations in his Best Practice Thread (configured bymyself) and then at least with his settings.dat too.

Nothing of them worked for me.


I getting the error on very big Torrents. Currently I seeding a 300GB+ Torrent and sharing a 100GB and another 50GB Torrent with friends.


We got on our Tracker a Thread about how to fix this issue but nothing worked for me.

Another user run into the same problem and for him has worked the uTorrent 2.2.1 with the option Deactivate Windows Cache Reads + Writes.


I have try this too and got no problem so far.


I am not sure what exactly cause this problem. 


A friend use another USB 2.0 Drive, different as mine, no Samsung. He have no problems.

The other user, which I got the Tip with uTorrent 2.2.1 has many old Samsung Drives too.

I will ask him if he use them for Torrenting. 


It's a strange issue, but I think it can be an issue with this old external Samsung Drives

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